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December 18, 201702:32 PM
Top 5 Most Common Workers Compensation Questions There are a handful of questions I get from almost everyone who calls me. Here are my answers in a minute and a half.
December 7, 201703:03 PM
This workers compensation reform doesn't help workers at all | Opinion Its time to call your state representatives again. There is a bill pending that will harm Worker's access to medical care. Call and oppose House Bill 18/Senate Bill 936. I have copied a link to an editorial from the AFL-CIO ...
November 10, 201701:04 PM
Shelley’s Testimonial – Successful Workers’ Compensation Repre... A former client of mine, Shelley, was nice enough to get in front of a camera to tell others about her experiences working with me.
November 2, 201708:52 AM
Next Tuesday is election day. It is important that you get out and vote. Make your voice heard! Find out where your representative stands on protecting the rights of injured workers. There are several legislative proposals pending that could harm ...
October 26, 201709:41 AM
Photos from Law Office of Geoffrey Hillsberg's post ALERT!! The Pennsylvania State Legislature is considering a new bill that would reinstate the IRE system that was previously struck down as unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court! Call your representatives and tell them to oppose House Bill 1840, sponsored ...
October 3, 201709:09 AM
Protz v WCAB – What Does It Mean for Me? - Geoffrey Hillsberg Protz vs WCAB was a big deal for the injured worker! Let me tell you why.
IRE stands for Impairment Rating Evaluation, a physician-performed evaluation of whole body impairment as related to disability claims in the...
September 18, 201701:12 PM
Law Office of Geoffrey Hillsberg added 8 new photos — at Media Courthouse.
September 18, 201712:59 PM
Law Office of Geoffrey Hillsberg added a cover video.
September 18, 201710:27 AM
Law Office of Geoffrey Hillsberg Law Office of Geoffrey Hillsberg updated their profile picture.
August 23, 201708:44 AM
Why Hillsberg Law for Workers Compensation Representation? Along with my new website, I put together a quick video about my practice. If you're wondering why you'd want to go with a sole practitioner like myself instead of a larger firm, this video should give you some answers!
August 17, 201709:54 AM
What is an “IRE” and why does it matter?

An “IRE” stands for Impairment Rating Evaluation. Until recently, these evaluations were used by the insurance companies and employers as a way to limit how long they would be required to ...
June 27, 201703:21 PM
House Bill 18 was defeated! More good news for injured workers. The proposed legislation that would have harmed the rights of injured workers will not pass. However, we can be sure that the insurance industry and their representatives will try ...
June 22, 201707:40 AM A very important and exciting Decision was issued this week by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a case called Protz v WCAB (Derry Area SD). In short, this Decision struck the portion of the Workers' Compensation Act allowing for IRE ...
May 4, 201701:03 PM
Pa. Works Now | Your Rights Are Under Attack! I urge everyone to go to these links and check out what is going on in Harrisburg! It can hurt you!

A website and twitter account has been created to help fight HB 18 (mandates the use of drug formularies ...
March 14, 201710:54 AM
They are at it again. Your state representatives want to tax legal services. This would essentially require you to pay the government for the privilege of talking to an attorney to protect your legal rights. Do not let this happen. ...
March 14, 201710:52 AM
Please Oppose the proposed Sales Tax on Legal Services – PA Senate Bill 76

Dear Colleagues:

There is, once again, a bill pending in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that would impose a sales tax on most legal services*. This legislation ...
March 6, 201701:54 PM
Everyone should pay attention to what your state representatives are doing. There is currently proposed... Regular Session 2017-2018 House Bill 0018 P.N. 0463THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF PENNSYLVANIA. HOUSE BILL. No. 18. Session of. 2017. INTRODUCED BY MACKENZIE, A. HARRIS, HEFFLEY, MILLARD, SIMMONS. AND TOPPER, FEBRUARY 13, 2017. REFERRED TO COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND INDUSTRY, FEBRUARY 13, 2017. AN ACT. +1s 0 0 0
March 2, 201710:57 AM
Everyone should pay attention to what your state representatives are doing. There is currently proposed legislation that would remove your doctor's discretion to prescribe medications requiring them to follow a cookie cutter outline for all cases. The doctors went to ...
February 2, 201712:28 PM
If you are injured at work, make sure you call an attorney.
The initial consultation is free; knowing your rights is priceless!
December 22, 201611:12 AM
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!
July 11, 201610:08 AM
As you all may know by now, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation has converted to an electronic system (It is called WCAIS). This has streamlined the process and has generally improved the system. However, there are ongoing problems with client ...
June 30, 201612:53 PM
The Demolition of Workers’ Compensation
Over the past decade, states have slashed workers’ compensation benefits, denying injured workers help when they need it most and shifting the costs of workplace accidents to taxpayers.
June 28, 201611:45 AM
Great news! House Bill 1800 is not moving forward at present. Keep the pressure on your local representatives. Ensure injured workers maintain access to the medical care they need!
April 26, 201607:59 AM
I voted, did you? Get out and vote today!
April 4, 201612:47 PM

Don't let the state take away your right to treatment! There is bill pending that is going to be voted on soon that will take your doctor's years of medical experience and training out of your treatment plan and ...
April 4, 201611:43 AM
Geoffrey Hillsberg | The Workers' Compensation Attorney for the Injured Worker CONGRATULATIONS,
Geoffrey Hillsberg on being been recognized as a
Best Lawyer in Delaware County for the second straight year!

Our firm’s sole focus is representing injured workers and handling Workers’ Compensation cases. If you have been injured at work or ...
March 16, 201609:44 AM
Don't let the state take away your right to treatment! There is bill pending that will have an open hearing tomorrow that will take your doctor's years of medical experience and training out of your treatment plan and create a ...
March 15, 201610:34 AM
Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set Aside Arrangements - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services I have attached an important resource for anyone who is administering their own Medical Set Aside account. This should help you ensure to do it properly.
The page could not be loaded. The Web site currently does not ...

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I only handle Workers' Compensation cases. Workers' Comp law is fast-changing and complicated, so my narrow focus means more effective representation for you. Whether you are here in Delco, or elsewhere in the Greater Philadelphia Area, call me for guidance and representation, and I'll help you get the best result possible from your case.
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